Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to Mr. Meow's Cat Name Blog

I created this blog for my love of cats. When I met my wife, I did not have a cat for many years (since I left home for my Master's degree - so for about 10 years). My cat, Tiger, was a great cat (and I loved his name). He was an outdoor hunter and he loved to play. Whether it be with the family (throwing small balls for him) or him just chasing birds, squirrels, snakes, mice, small children, etc, he just loved fun. But, he was not a cuddling cat. He liked to be petted, but was not a lap cat.

Now, my wife's cat, Lily, is a super friendly lap cat. The first time I was over at my wife's place, Lily jumped right on my lap and was waiting for a good petting. So I obliged and was in love (with my wife too!). :) Of course, Lily does have her odd habits. When you are petting her and she has had enough, expect a little nip to the hand. Plus, she is afraid of the outdoors. An open door is a scary thing! lol

So to start this week, here are the cat names from all my friend's and family that I can think of. I will post as I come up with (or come across) some other great ones.

  • Tiger - my family cat growing up
  • Lily - the love of our (wife and I) life :)
  • Whiskey - one of my buddy's cat. He loves playing with string and desires attention.
  • Luke - the cat of one of my best friends and his wife. A loner, he likes to chill in the rec room, under the bed, or hang with the dog
  • Jacques - cat number 1 of my wife's best friend. A bitter (for no reason) so stay back.
  • Holden - cat number 2 of my wife's best friend. Loves the cat nip (and bugging Jacques).
Meow, meow!


  1. Congrats on your new kitty blog and for being a catman. I was at a dinner party the other night and everyone had cats. We joked about cat names and how you know you're really a cat person when your cat has multiple names and cutesy derivatives of their name. Thanks for visiting us (btw, I'm formerly from T.O.)I liked your photog blog as well. You might enjoy my blog the Boomer Muse.

  2. We love a cat man and we think a blog about cat names is a great idea. Have you been to The Cat Blogosphere? It's a place where cat bloggers mingle and share, it's a neat community, you can find it here:

    We think Lily is beautiful!

    Gerry & Oliver

  3. Welcome to the cat blogosphere! Nice to meetcha!

  4. welcome to the blogosphere!! thanks for stopping by.