Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cat Names for October

Cat Names - Ideas for Those in Need

Our cat Lily is always love to relax near a window, I suppose like most cats. Here she is relaxing in her cat bed beside the window of our old condo (which we just moved out of), taking it easy after a difficult afternoon of relaxing.

I think she is wondering why I have my iPhone in her face. Perhaps he is not used to Paparazzi (do I need a model release from her?).

Some fun cat names I have come across recently are:
  • Bandit - maybe for a more feisty cat with a wild streak?
  • Oreo - perfect for a black cat with some white in the middle :)
  • Maggie May - this will need be a more regal feline for sure
  • Effie - certainly great for a little princess
  • Ray - for that cat that brings in some sunshine into your life!
As I come across other cool cat names, I will post. I will also update what Lily is up to.

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